Bigger Isn’t Always Better (Shopping for Tools)

Okay, so ladies definitely like some things bigger… like bank accounts, parties and caramel mocha iced lattes. But when it comes to tools, bigger isn’t always better. Our hands are smaller and have less strength than a man’s hands. I’m not saying we are weaker than men… don’t hear that. But we are physically different. Men are naturally stronger than women, especially in the upper body area. This means that they can apply more pressure and torque to tools than we can. So smaller tools that require less pressure to operate and are easier to handle are not only more useful to women, they could be safer because when you can grip something effectively, you have more control over it.

When you look for power tools, check out drills, wrenches and screwdrivers that are designed for smaller hands. Most major manufacturers offer lines of tools for ladies, but Tomboy Tools provides a full line of functional and fashionable tools made just for us gals. Shop around and find the tools that fit you best.


2 thoughts on “Bigger Isn’t Always Better (Shopping for Tools)

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