Service not Sales. That’s part of the WAK philosophy. This is just one of our beliefs that supports our commitment to incredible customer service. WAK Auto Shops actually pledge to provide excellent service to the WAK community and their customers. In a world filled with crazy sales gimmicks and spam emails, focusing on providing customers with stellar service experiences, regardless of whether they buy a product or not, is a dying art.

But WAK is bringing service back!

And we need YOU, the driving community, to partner with us and our Pledged Shops to create a culture of customer service. Drivers aren’t floor mats, they have floor mats. So don’t let shops walk all over you by selling you parts you don’t need, repairs your cars don’t need or warranties that nobody needs.

Take the first step and register to become a Women Auto Know member for free. With a few clicks, you’ll have access to oodles of excellent resources that will arm you with automotive education and empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Say so long to auto anxiety and intimidation. Kiss creepy mechanics good-bye! Don’t settle for anything less than honest technicians, fair prices and full transparency about the service that your car needs.

We’re doing our part by spreading the word about the WAK Mission. We are recruiting new shops each week and are partnering with other companies that believe the stigma surrounding women and cars can and will be shattered! Can you hear the glass ceiling breaking ladies?

Now it’s your turn. Check us out and find out why we do what we do and how it benefits you, your family, your community and your bank account. Cruise around our blog, download some great safety tips and get social with us. Share your experience with our WAK community members and tell all your girlfriends about us so they can stand up for better automotive experiences and clean restrooms! Our goal is to change the way women communicate with their cars and mechanics, one woman at a time. We can’t do it alone. But as Mother Teresa said,

“Together, we can do GREAT things!”

Let’s do this!


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