Did You Blow a Fuse?! (How to Fix It)

Change it in 8 easy steps!

  1. Turn off the car.
  2. Find your fuse block, usually under dash on driver’s side. Check owner’s manual if you can’t locate.
  3. Open cover. You will find fuses and maybe extra fuses and a fuse removal tool. Inside the panel will also be a map letting you know what system each fuse controls.
  4. Find the blown fuse. It will have a broken wire as opposed to a solid wire.
  5. Replace blown fuse with one of the same rating (they’re color coded).
  6. Start your car and test the system that wasn’t working.
  7. Replace the fuse block cover.
  8. Get a spare fuse from an auto parts store so you have an extra should it blow again.

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6 thoughts on “Did You Blow a Fuse?! (How to Fix It)

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