Why WAK?

Women Auto Know takes the FEAR out of auto repair

by inviting auto shops and drivers to call a truce!

Photo Feb 16, 9 57 19 PM

Take the Women Auto Know PLEDGE for Service not Sales and tune up the female voice in the auto industry. Women Auto Know is all about bridging the gap between shops and consumers

WAK Members agree to become automotively educated, empowered and accountable consumers. We give you everything you need to improve your relationship with your car, your mechanic and your auto shop.

WAK Automotive Shops agree to provide transparency, service not sales and clean restrooms! In return, we provide you with everything you need to empower and attract responsible, loyal customers who want to be accountable for their automobiles.

Women Auto Know is here for you – 24/7, saving you time and money! Take the PLEDGE today!


What’s in it for YOU?!


APledge - Auto Shoputo Shops – Increase your business and bridge the gap between women and automobiles by providing GREAT RESOURCES, education, information and safety tips to consumers so they can be accountable and responsible customers. Check out what you get by cruising our site!


Ladies – don’t be left stranded everPhoto Feb 16, 6 01 17 AM again! At Women Auto Know, you’ll find auto shops that WON’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!  Women Auto Know gives you 24/7 access to our user generated shop review directory, to help you find the right auto shop wherever you are and to provide a platform for our members to empower each other by sharing shop reviews.


Our GREAT RESOURCES provide you with insider information; tips and tricks that educate you and won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road!!




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