7 Simple Ways to Save Money on Gas

save money on gas

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Cars are awesome. Without them, you couldn’t go anywhere.They sure are expensive, though.

Let me take some of the edge off. Here are seven ways to save money on gas.

1. Carpool.

If you work for a pretty big company, you probably know a co-worker who lives in your neighborhood.

Ask around! There’s no reason to drive separately. Take turns so you can split the cost. You’ll save money and reduce emissions, which will protect the planet you call home. Talk about a win/win!

2 .Check your air filter.

Some mechanics like to sell air filters to people who don’t need them. That doesn’t mean air filters are a scam. A clean air filter improves air flow in your vehicle. If it gets clogged, this can have a detrimental impact on your gas mileage. So, how often should you change your air filter? It depends. Check out the OMV (owner’s manual for your vehicle) to find out.

3. Take care of your tires.

Only 15% of drivers know how to check their tire pressure. The other 85% are wasting a lot of money. According to the US Department of Energy, properly inflated tires can improve your fuel economy by 3%. That would save roughly seven cents per gallon.

4. Stop being in such a rush.

Now that you checked your air filter, take a deep breath and slow down! Most people don’t follow #5-7 because they are in such a hurry, so I thought I should mention this first. Driving is less stressful when you give yourself an extra 10-20 minutes to reach your destination. Worried about being too early? Don’t be. Toss a book in your purse. That will occupy you!

5. Be gentle with the gas pedal.

What’s the point of slamming the gas when a traffic light turns green? The people you wait with at one red light will probably catch up with you at the next one! Be gentle. Flooring that pedal burns up a lot of gas. A gentle touch will save tons of bucks.

6. Don’t tap your brakes too much.

Avoid sudden, jerky movements. They are bad for your fuel economy. It is better to drive at a steady pace. If you need to slow down, don’t slam the brakes. Just take your foot off the gas pedal. This is only possible if you leave a safe distance between you and your bumper buddy ahead of you. 🙂

7. Use cruise control when possible.

It’s hard to maintain a constant speed on a long trip. That’s why cruise control exists. Alternating from 65 to 75 MPH burns more gas than maintaining a steady 70 MPH. Use the tools that are available!

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Save BIG Money on Gas Commuting to Work

traffic-jamCommuters, you spend endless hours in your car. Stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work in the morning. The local drive-thru to pick up that coffee you can’t make it through the morning without.  Then stuck in rush hour, yet again, on your way home from work. And don’t get me started on the delays if there’s an accident that happens to take up at least one lane of the highway .

There’s that saying that time is money, but in the case of cars, money is time. When you spend as much time in your car as the average commuter (about 30 minutes – 1 hour, each way, to work in low traffic situations) that means you can spend at least 5-10 hours a week, just getting to work. That also translates to $$: maintenance and insurance are requirements. And though filling up with gas is also the nature of the beast, there are ways to save at the pump.

Gas SymbolHere are a few things you can do today to get better gas mileage right away. In real estate they say location, location, location. In auto repair, we say maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

Change Your Filters

A well maintained car will operate with greater efficiency. You will have better performance, be safer on the road, and get the best fuel consumption. Something as small as a clogged fuel filter can restrict the flow of gas, which makes your car work harder, which wastes gas, which wastes money! The same is true for your air filter. If your car cannot breathe fresh air, it struggles. Struggling uses more energy from the engine. More energy = wasted gas

Use the Right Octane
If your car require 87 octane, there is no benefit to using a higher octane. It’s not like any of us are dying to put 89 or 91 in with these prices, but remember you get the best performance from your engine when you use what the manufacturer recommends.

Check Your Tire Pressure
Tire Pressure SignIt’s FREE! Having your tires filled to the correct tire pressure will yield you about 4 percent on fuel economy. Under inflated tires are like a person not picking up his feet when he is walking in the mud! You need more energy to move, and more energy = more gas! Which means more money!

Constantly Passing People

This afternoon, I was in traffic on the expressway watching a driver next to me speed up to weave in and out of the cars. He ended up right next to me when traffic came to a slow/stop! Ha, I thought to myself, that guy is frustrated … and he wasted a ton of gas going nowhere!

Junk in the TrunkJunk in Trunk
Take the junk out of your trunk! Just like people, the heavier your car is, the more you have to lug around. Lose the weight and the car will have less to lug around. An extra 100 pounds can reduce your fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent.

Aggressive, Hard Driving

Hitting the accelerator pedal from a stoplight, braking hard, and speeding up to get to the next stop light? These are prime examples of wasted gas. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination and think “smooth and steady” as you drive. The DOT says that every 5 mph you drive over 65 mph is equal to a 7 percent decrease in fuel economy.

Organize Your Trip
Map out where you’re going and organize your errands so you’re not driving back and forth.

Don’t Idle
Sitting in an idling car is just bad. It’s against the law and it’s a huge money waster. When a car is idling, it’s using fuel, and if you are just sitting there, you are getting 0 MPG.

Have any ways you’ve saved on gas that I haven’t mentioned? Share them below in the comments!

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