The Auto Body: How to Care for Your Car

the auto bodyCar care seems really complicated.

There are so many engine parts that it’s easy to get confused by how it all works together.

No matter how clueless you might feel, caring for your car isn’t as hard as you’ve been led to believe.

Read ahead and I’ll show you how to care for your car.

Prevention is always your best option.

Have you ever had a doctor or dietitian tell you to make healthier eating decisions? It’s tempting to call them a “bully” for trying to change your behavior, but that’s not the case. They were trying to save you from potential health problems that could break the bank.

A lot of people complain about how expensive it is to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. These people fail to take the long-term into account. French fries might be cheaper than salads in the short-term, but they could lead to a wider waistline. Go overboard and you might end up needing new clothes, or worse, heart problems that require expensive medication.

This is an auto blog, so I’ll spare you a lecture about the virtues of physical activity and healthy eating. I just wanted to illustrate that it’s cheaper to prevent a health problem than it is to cure it (even if you have to spend more money in the short-term).

Your car is like the human body.

The human body requires essential vitamins and minerals to function at its best. If you don’t consume these nutrients, then your immune system won’t be able to protect you from viruses like the flu.

The auto body is very similar. It also requires nutrients (in the form of fluids like motor oil and coolant) to perform at its best. If you aren’t mindful enough to check their level at specified times, then your car engine might give out.

Both the human and auto body are responsible for protecting your life. A strong, healthy body can help you recover from injury and sickness. A well-maintained car can help you avoid a dangerous accident. However, these bodies can only protect you if you take care of them.

Self-care is a virtue.

A lot of women discount their own needs. We are so caught up in trying to take care of everybody else that we are left with no time for ourselves.

If you make a habit of neglecting your needs, then your ability to help other people will suffer. Failing to make time to eat healthy could lead to a debilitating disease like diabetes. As a consequence, you would have less energy to care for your children.

See your car as an extension of yourself. Make it personal. Name your car. It would be inconsiderate to neglect its needs, because it is responsible for taking you where you need to go. Being mindful of things like dashboard warning lights and the inflation of your tires could save you from an inconvenient (or even life-threatening) situation in the future.

Thoughtful women know they must take care of their car’s needs so it can protect them in the future. If you’d like to teach your friends to be car smart like you, share this article on Facebook. Click here to join Women Auto Know (it only takes a second!).

Mechanically Yours,



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