5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Auto Shops (#1 Will Surprise You)

audra fordin anderson cooper WAKI’m amazed at some of the things people do in my auto shop.

Sometimes, a customer will march inside and announce, “I don’t know anything about cars!” Seriously.

I use this opportunity to educate them, but less honest mechanics might capitalize on the situation. Don’t do these five things just to be safe.

1. Lose your cool.

Stay calm, no matter how afraid you might be. Getting upset will just make a bad situation worse. Never tell a mechanic you’re “clueless.” Stick with the facts. Describe what happened and let the professional do their job.

2. Try to diagnose your car problem.

The Internet is a great place to research, but it’s hard to make sense of it all. You won’t figure out what caused your car problem in a single web search.

3. Make yourself look small.

Body language is a big deal. Fidgeting, crossing your arms, and avoiding eye contact will make your insecurity loud and clear. Listen to a song that makes you feel positive and upbeat before you go inside. Put on some confidence!

4. Tell them to do “whatever.”

Telling a mechanic to do “whatever” is the verbal equivalent of a blank check. There are tons of services that could be performed on your vehicle. You don’t need most of them. Be as specific as possible. Otherwise, you might get stuck with a bill for unnecessary repairs.

5. Pay for repairs you didn’t request.

Would you pay for a steak dinner that you didn’t order? I didn’t think so. If a mechanic does a repair without your permission, ask for a manager and refuse to pay for it.

Talk to me.

Don’t do these things in auto shops. If you do, you’ll look like an easy target. That’s no good for your pocketbook! Click here to share this post with your friends so they can save money too.

Mechanically Yours,



3 thoughts on “5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Auto Shops (#1 Will Surprise You)

    • We are so glad you enjoyed the episode. Would you be interested in taking our pledge? Better ye, can you recommend an auto shop in your area we could get to take the Auto Shop Pledge and provide workshops? We love getting out message out.

      • Thanks for responding. I deal a lot with Belle Tire since my car is paid off but don’t know if they would be interested. I like the way I am dealt with as a woman…much better than the dealer!!

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