Aftermarket Warranty… Worth It or Not?

hang tagWe’ve all heard the term “after-market,” but what does that mean? Anything that didn’t come with the original product is considered after market. If you buy a brand new car and then later purchase really cool rims, those are “after-market” rims. Warranties are available after-market too, and may be a wise choice if you are buying a used car.

An after-market warranty protects your car from things that an original manufacturer warranty may not. They are similar to extended warranties offered by dealers and essentially extend your coverage. But, not all warranties are created equal. Most dealers will try to get you to buy their extended warranty at the time you purchase your car. But you might find a better deal in an after-market warranty from another company. Ask your dealer how long you have to purchase their extended warranty and then shop around.

Find out what the dealer warranty will cover, and then compare apples to apples and see if you can find a better deal. Here are the pros and cons of purchasing an after-market warranty:


  • Might be cheaperEmpower
  • Could cover more than the extended warranty offered by dealer
  • You won’t have to deal with car salespeople


  • Might have more restrictions
  • May not be transferable
  • Tend to be very complicated and may not be worth the trouble

What do you think? Have you had a better experience with a dealer extended warranty or after-market warranty? Send us your comments and empower another woman to make an informed decision!


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