Expect Great Customer Service

Is this what you get when you walk into an auto repair shop? Are you ignored? Do you feel like YOU are trying to earn the shop’s attention, instead of the shop trying to win YOURS? Well ladies, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it should NEVER be this way.

Walk into your auto repair shop confident and ready to be catered to. How? Try following these steps:

  • Know why you are there.
  • Know the make, model and history of your vehicle
  • Be prepared to discuss the service you need intelligently
  • Do your homework – research what might be wrong and what the cost could be BEFORE you walk into the shop
  • Ask for options, like buying used parts or purchasing the parts yourself
  • Tell the shop you will be getting a second opinion
  • Expect nothing less than courteous, respectful service
  • If you don’t get it, go somewhere else!

One thought on “Expect Great Customer Service

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