How to Change Wiper Blades

Check your Owner’s Vehicle Manual to find out what size and type of wiper blades are recommended for your vehicle. Once you know, head to the auto parts store and locate them. Most stores have great charts that list exactly what wiper blades will fit your vehicle make and model.

To replace, follow these easy steps:

  1. Lift the wiper arm up and gently pull away from the windshield.
  2. Press the tab on the side of the arm and pull the blade off the wiper arm through the barrel
  3. Take new blade and gently slide through barrel (hook) into place.
  4. Pull the new blade onto the wiper arm snugly. You’ll hear a click when it is properly in place.
  5. Clean the windshield and lower the wiper arm gently back onto the windshield.
  6. Repeat with other side.
  7. Keep old blades in trunk in case of a wiper emergency.
  8. Wash your hands and give yourself a high five!
  9. Now go show your mother, daughter, boss, neighbor, running partner, bff or any other woman how to change her wiper blades.

Remember, you should always consult the owner’s manual to find out the best windshield wipers for your vehicle and best practices for optimal maintenance.


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