Storing Your Summer Vehicle

summer-driving-funAs we break out the sweaters and boots, we bid goodbye to the summer clothes and warm weather. For some of us, we have to store more than just warm weather garments. We have to prepare our summer vehicles for winter storage, too. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garage, or any room in their garage, to safely and snugly tuck their summer baby away for the cold winter season. So, we’ve listed the necessary steps you should take to get your baby all ready for hibernation, whether garaged or left out in the elements.

  • Fluids – fill all reservoirs with clean fluid and change the oil and oil filter and replace with new filter and fluid
  • Gas – to prevent moisture from building up, keep the gas tank close to full and add a fuel stabilizer
  • Spark Plugs – remove all the spark plugs
  • Battery – disconnect and remove the battery and clean all terminals before storing
  • Tires – if you can, raise the car up on a jack stand and add approximately 10 extra pounds of pressure to each tire to prevent any flat spots. If you can’t, make sure you move the car periodically to rotate the tires. If parked on grass, place boards under the tires to prevent dry rot.
  • Wipers – remove the wiper blades to prevent them from sticking to the windshield
  • Clean – clean and wax the car to give it extra protection from the elements
  • Seal – check for any damage, rust or leaks to cracked seals and repair all damage prior to storing
  • Cover – look for a good all-weather car cover that conceals the entire vehicle. If you can’t find one, get a sturdy tarp and bungee tightly to keep it in place in strong winds.

Check your baby throughout the season to be sure the cover is intact and no moisture has gotten into the car. Also make sure no little critters have made a winter nest inside your vehicle or under the hood.

Finally, look through your owner’s manual to see if your car requires any special treatment when stored. Take good care of your baby during the winter and it will be in great shape and ready to roll when the warm weather returns.


6 thoughts on “Storing Your Summer Vehicle

  1. Very nice and useful article. Taking care of small things like these can make a big difference to you “baby” in the long run. Saving unnecessary maintenance costs and increasing dependability of your car when you need it most, DURING SUMMER!!!

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