Savor the Flavor of Life!

A friend of mine is getting married this weekend. She’s keeping it simple and small. It’s not her first wedding, but it is a wedding just the same. I encouraged her to celebrate it, to recognize it for the special and beautiful event it is, no matter how small or large the party. I bought her girly bride things and made sure she had a bridal shower. And even though it will be on the beach and the wedding party will be wearing flip flops and shorts, it should still be a beautiful and meaningful moment and not a just box to be checked… done.

Don’t let life slip by and don’t gulp it down. Stop to enjoy and savor every morsel of the feast of life. Let the flavors sink into your being and breathe in the delicious aromas of even the simplest moments. Because that my friends is what life is… a series of simple, sweet and sumptuous moments. Bon Appetit!


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