Have a WAK Weekend! (Women Auto Know)

MonkeyLooking for something fun to do this beautiful fall weekend? Try some of WAK’s favorite things…

Give your baby a bath! Wash your car inside and out, vacuum the upholstery, remove stains with vinegar and water, touch up any rust spots with paint pens and wax for a nice clean finish.

Pretend you’re on the pit crew! Practice changing your tire with a friend or family member and see who gets the best time!

Get your owner’s manual and locate every fluid reservoir under your hood. 

Change a taillight or a fuse!

Clean your headlight covers with headlight restoration kits or in a pinch, squeeze some toothpaste on a rag, scrub the headlight and rinse!

Add some fun accessories like mud flaps, window shields or seat covers to personalize your baby and keep it looking good!

Go for a leisurely weekend drive and enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Have a WAK Weekend! (Women Auto Know)

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