Beautiful Battery?

Keeping your battery looking great is more important than you think! Your car battery doesn’t just provide power for your tunes! It also provides the burst of power the starter needs to create an ignition spark and start the engine. If your battery isn’t working properly, you can’t start your car.

Battery problems can be caused by corrosion, loose connections, or no charge. First try to clean the battery terminals using a wire brush and a little baking soda and water, or even some Coca Cola (yep, it really works). Always wear gloves and rinse the battery before you try to start the car. Also, make sure the connections to the battery are tight and all the terminals are properly fastened. Just a little TLC and you could be on your way! If you don’t have any charge, even after jumping and cleaning the battery, you may need to replace.



3 thoughts on “Beautiful Battery?

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  2. Don’t forget also, Record any security/access codes for your installed accessories. in the event you loose batt power, code protected items will LOCK you OUT.

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