Clean Up Like a Lady with Sugar!

Just because I like to get dirty under the hood doesn’t mean I don’t respect a nice French manicure. When I’m at the shop, I always wear work gloves to protect my hands and manicure. It’s not just a vanity thing; it’s also a safety precaution. Gloves keep grease and oil from building up under my nails. They also prevent any open cuts or scrapes from being exposed to harmful contaminants in engine parts.

If you find yourself gloveless and with greasy hands, just grab a packet of sugar, add a little water and then scrub. This is a great quick clean-up on the road, and another reason you should always keep a bottle of water in your car. For stubborn grease, add a little hand soap if you can. Once the grease is gone, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

How’s that for a sweet WAK tip?!


2 thoughts on “Clean Up Like a Lady with Sugar!

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