Shell’s V-Power Premium Gasoline

What’s in it and is it for you?

Shell Grand Prix Week 06252014 (67)

That’s me with Chris Prack from ASE and

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained

I’m all about education. Being an educated consumer allows you to make better decisions. Decisions for you, for your car and for your wallet! Back in June I had the privilege to tour the Shell Technology Center Houston and get an inside peek at the innovation behind the Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline. My experience with Shell has been amazing. I got to meet some awesome scientists, hang with some other mechanically minded people, and even got to take a few laps around the track at the Pennzoil – Grand Prix Houston.

But the best part of the whole trip was getting the opportunity to learn about the Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline. Shell took its time developing this innovative fuel. They considered consumers’ needs across the nation and in countries throughout the world, researching people’s perceptions about their cars, how they use their vehicles and what they want in a high performance premium fuel.

Dave Dudek - Fuels Technology Manager

This data was analyzed by Shell’s Research and Development department and helped scientists select the specific ingredients to create the Premium Gasoline. As the technology consultant for Ferrari, Shell sets high standards for technological advancements and expertise. In fact, their V-Power Premium Gasoline was developed using information from testing conducted with Ferrari to ensure the highest quality performance. This handsome guy is Dave Dudek – Shell Fuels Technology Manager.

The brilliant team at Shell also reviewed research from aerospace, commercial vehicle and automotive technical experts and engineers. One third-party study, in particular, revealed that a higher octane quality fuel used in premium-recommended vehicles has the potential for delivering better acceleration and power.

With solid data, scientifically tested ingredients, and proven performance, the last step was to ensure that Shell V-Power fuels complied with all government requirements in every market and across all countries. Shell also made sure their special V-Power fuels work in extremely cold and hot temperatures so that friends across the globe can get the maximum benefit from this premium gasoline.

Get more information about Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline here!

Thanks Shell!

Mechanically Yours,


WAK Fun Facts:

  • Octane number refers to the measure of anti-knock quality in a gasoline.
  • The higher the octane, the more compression a fuel can handle before knocking or detonating.
  • The rate of compression correlates to the rate of engine performance.

High Compression = High Performing Engine

2012-06-19 16.24.50

Vroom Vroom!




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