Don’t be a Slave !!

Harriet Tubman freed more than 300 slaves using the Underground Railroad, which was not a railroad at all, but rather a series of roads and safe houses slaves used to flee from in the south to safety in the north. Tubman worked hard to ensure people no longer had to be slaves to their masters.

For decades, women have been fighting for freedom of all kinds. Why the automotive industry is still stuck in a 1970’s time warp is mind boggling.  I know attorneys, CPA’s and other profeImagessional females  who have fought to be on the front lines in their respective careers, and yet, still allow themselves to take a backseat when it comes to having their cars repaired.  That might have been okay in the 1970’s. But today, we are aware… aware that it takes action, like the action Harriet Tubman took, to create change.

Today, we break free from the chains of automotive bondage virtual style! We voice our opinions, our experiences and our frustrations on the WAK website, our automotive Underground Railroad. This virtual safe house is a place where women can escape from intimidation, review and rank auto shops and empower other women. Here we take action. Here we unite and use our collective power to say “Hell NO!”  – to dirty bathrooms, posters of naked women, foul language and condescending attitudes! Here, we stop being slaves to master mechanics and take back our freedom through education and awareness. Here we stand together, Pledging to honor our opinions, our options and our damned WOMANHOOD! Who’s with me!?

Do shops think we’re suckers? Do they think we will use their filthy, stained toilets? Do they think we will negotiate repair prices with them while naked women stare down at us from the walls? I DON’T THINK SO! We have rights, we have choices and dammit – we have the power to use them! We will only choose clean shops. We will only choose respectful, courteous mechanics. We will only tell our friends and family members to use a shop if they have taken the WAK Pledge. And if they haven’t – we will tell the whole wide world NOT to use them(and yes, we women CAN talk) . Who’s the sucker now?!

Ladies, take control of every decision related to your car. Use reliable, accurate  information provided to you by a resource that has proven to be an advocate on your behalf.  Yep, plug for me because that’s my goal, thats what I am here for, that’s where WomenAutoKnow comes in.

But I can only do so much. The rest is up to you.  If you want change… youve got to make it happen On the automotive Underground Railroad, our path to freedom starts with a pledge, a simple promise that you understand our mission: to provide automotive education and resources to women of all ages so that they can become safer drivers, passengers and consumers. Pledge to learn how to maintain your car. Pledge to get to your destination when you want, not when the tow truck arrives. Pledge to budget for repairs instead of letting emergency repairs blow your budget. Get the picture? Miss Tubman did.

She knew the value of taking the necessary steps to guarantee freedom from bondage. Miss Tubman knew that fighting for what you want, what you deserve, requires knowledge, dedication and time.  Miss Tubman also knew that every inch of that Underground Railroad was worth it.

You can’t put a price on freedom. So put the money into maintaining your car, put the time into educating yourself and put your energy into actively participating in the WAK mission and you won’t ever have to be a slave to automotive shops again. Can I get a “HELL YEAH?!”

Mechanically yours,



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